The Emerging Pearl

On February 1st of this year I had the pleasure and honor of being a guest on the third episode of the local cable TV show called, "The Emerging Pearl."  The show, which airs on channels 11 and 21 several times each month, is produced by the lovely Eliza Bone, who has made it her mission "to inspire women to embrace a life defined by love, passion, healing and serenity by inviting local experts and thought leaders to share their experience, tips, ideas and inspiration." 

Having never appeared on TV before, I was absolutely thrilled when Eliza invited me to be on her show. But I was also scared.  Who, me? On TV!? At first, I thought "I couldn't possibly do this, I have too much going on, and I don't have time to prepare!" But I realized that this was just an excuse and that I needed to make room for this opportunity because, let's face it, sometimes opportunities like this one only knock once.  So I rearranged my schedule and I said "yes." And boy was I glad I took the plunge! Eliza made me feel super comfortable and confident when she met with me to explain the process step by step and assured me that all segments would be pre-recorded and could be re-done if I messed up. Whew, what a relief!

The taping of the show was a fantastic and fun experience.  I got to speak on a topic that I'm passionate about,  namely communication in couple relationships, and I also got the chance to record a public service announcement directed at my favorite audience: moms.   To make the experience even sweeter I got to meet some cool ladies who, like me, are committed to enhancing the quality of life of women in our area.  I'm speaking of Kym Gordon-Cumbo, Divorce Resilience Coach for women, and Selena Maestas, women's coach and founder of the Love You More Project.  

This experience was a reminder to me that courage-- the decision to take action despite fear-- comes by easier when there is a strong "why."  When we are clear and we are passionate about our "why" we are unstoppable.  We find the "how" and we go for our dreams.  And if we can hang on to that, along the way unexpected and beautiful things start to happen, such as meeting wonderful people or having even more doors open up to us.  That is exactly what has happened in my life over the past six months, and I do feel like an "emerging pearl."   So my message to you is this: allow your own pearl to emerge from behind the veil of fear, self-doubt, and judgment.  Next time you feel scared or lacking confidence to do something you've been dreaming about ask yourself: "What is my 'why?' "What fuels my passion? What force in my life is strong enough to get me where I want to be?"   My why is that I want to help moms achieve a more joyful, balanced, and satisfying life where they can accept and love themselves as they are, and take care of their own needs without always putting themselves last.  What is your "why?"