My big plans for YOU in 2018!

Dear readers, it has been several months since I last wrote a blog post.  You may have been wondering what happened and perhaps even felt disappointed that there was no new content on the website.   I admit is pretty pitiful and I feel badly about this absence.  As a new business owner I began to focus on developing my business and stopped developing content for you, my tribe.  No more.  You are part of my community, and I consider it my mission to support you by providing valuable content that voices and validates the struggles of today's working mom, as well as offering services that help create a less stressful and more fulfilling experience of motherhood.  I remain committed to this mission and plan to be more regular in my communications with you.

This past year I have grown in incredible ways and been inspired to create new ways of supporting working moms.  I'm super excited to share what I have learned, as well as the many ideas that I have generated along my journey.  This year, in addition to publishing more regular content,  I plan to incorporate other avenues of communication, such as emails, videos, and social media.  I will also have exciting programs and offerings coming up this year, so stay tuned for updates!  

Thank you for your support and loyalty.  It's going to be a great year!  Please share your comments below.  Your feedback will help me to create more engaging and helpful content and offerings for you so you can have a rocking 2018 at home and at work too!