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"Letting go of the Mommy Cape"

Are you guilty of "Super Mom Syndrome" and strive to wear a "mommy cape"? Psychologist Raquel Muller invites you to let go of the expectations and embrace being a calm, confident and fulfilled parent.

"Mommy Guilt"

Dr. Raquel Muller shares a refreshing perspective on "Mommy Guilt" and why it means you really care about your child. Produced by Eliza Boné, The Emerging Pearl Show.

"Their power is in your silence: Speak up against Domestic Violence"

Domestic violence plagues homes across America with over 10 million abuse victims annually. Kasey Gloer, author, poet and speaker, kept her life of abuse a secret for 35 years and now shares why she stayed.

"Effective Coping Strategies for Challenging Relationships"

Is your relationship suffering due to communication challenges? Do you find it daunting to speak with your ex? Are you struggling to connect with your kids? How is your self-talk doing? This panel of experts will offer you practical strategies you can implement today.