The struggle

  • Do you find yourself yelling at your kids or losing your temper for no apparent reason and being unable to stop? Do you feel horrible and beat yourself up as a “terrible mom” when that happens?

  • Do you find yourself rushing around from activity to activity, feeling overwhelmed because there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all?

  • Do you lament not spending enough quality time with your kids, while also feeling resentful that you don’t have enough time for yourself?  

  • Do you tell yourself that you’re a failure as a mother, especially when you see what other moms are doing?

  • Have you lost intimacy connection with your husband and/or kids in the midst of the daily chaos?

These struggles are REAL. They are symptoms of what I call “supermom stress,” and they happen when we try to live up to the impossible standard of the mythical “supermom.”  While the drive to be a “supermom” comes from a beautiful place in your heart and shows the high value you place on your role as a mother, it also leads to stress, burnout, resentment, guilt and disconnection.  Furthermore, because your KIDS are directly impacted by how you think, talk, feel, and act, “supermom stress” negatively affects them, too.

the “roadmap”

  • Bust the “supermom” myth by learning to accept yourself and let go of unhelpful comparisons and expectations

  • Learn skills to reduce negative self-thoughts so that you can be a more patient, confident, and effective mom

  • Create a comprehensive self-care plan to replenish and re-energize you so that you can be present and give your best to your family

  • Learn communication skills to enrich the connection with your spouse and kids and maintain a harmonious family atmosphere  

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